Our Views


CCNCI envisions a prosperous, equitable, and disaster resilient society built on the foundation of eco-based communities where the people have access to resources, enjoy their rights and the fruits of their labor, and are able to continuously develop their economic, political, and socio-cultural life without being hampered by natural calamities.

CCNCI believes that this could be achieved only if:

-The main causes of the people’s vulnerabilities – poverty, social inequities, landlessness, joblessness, lack of social services such as safe and affordable housing, health, education, and essential services – are effectively being addressed.

-Climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies are an integral part of the development agenda.

-Peoples and communities are able to develop strategies, plans and measures to address the impact of climate change.

-The people are able to hold governments, corporations, agencies and other institutions – local, national and international – to account for their contributions to the problem of climate change.